Woman Has The Most Amazing Response To Getting Shamed About Her Period


Update: It's January 22, 2016, and humans are still terrified of small amounts of blood.

Thankfully, Anushka Dasgupta found an opportunity to make blood, specifically the menstrual kind, less of a big freaking deal for herself and those close to her.

As she made her way home on Sunday, stares from passersby and one woman's offer of a "sanitary napkin" made it quite evident to Dasgupta she began her monthly cycle mid-commute.

Rather than run home in a full panic with her backpack hanging over her butt, Dasgupta posted a photo of her period pants on Facebook, along with a message to the men who stared agape and the women who suggested she hide her stains.


She wrote,

To the men, in particular, Dasgupta offered to teach them to use pads if they taught her to pee in public.

She added,

After her post gained traction online, Dasgupta told BuzzFeed her favorite reaction was from her grandmother, who opened up about her own history with menstrual shame.

Dasgupta shared,

Finally, a great bargain for a pair of ruined pants.

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