Why Juggling Men Isn't A Smart Thing To Do


We all go through patterns in our sex lives. Sometimes we find ourselves in serious dry spells, and before we know it, we’re juggling handfuls of men. We like to have a selection of men in our lives for a few reasons. However, while it may not be smart to put all your eggs in one basket, distributing them to too many baskets may be worse.

By stringing along more than one man at a time, we always have a back-up. The beauty of this is that if we f*ck up with one of them, we don’t have to stress about it, as we have another option waiting in the wings. Juggling men also makes us feel more confident and independent. This is because we aren’t relying on one guy, and essentially, playing all of them. Like Jay-z so eloquently once said, "Ladies is pimps too. Gon’ brush your shoulders off."

Juggling guys also helps us keep a safe distance. If you are trying to balance more than one guy, it is easy to avoid getting emotionally tied up with any one of them. However, while we may think we’re looking out for our own well-being this way, we may actually be screwing ourselves over.

By juggling more than one guy, you are actually relying on men more than you think. The key to true confidence lies in knowing how to be content on your own. The most successful and respected women don’t rely on men for sh*t, or anyone for that matter.

When you are juggling a bunch of guys, you might feel confident and in control because you’re getting attention from various men. Ask yourself this question, though: If you lost all of your options tomorrow, would you still feel as confident in yourself? If the answer is no, you may want to re-evaluate your strategies.

If you are interested in a relationship, juggling too many men is definitely not smart. While you may think that this strategy gives you a greater chance of finding a guy to settle down with, or makes you more desirable by acting less interested, it can actually backfire on you. The less serious you act towards relationships, the less seriously prospects will take you.

If you treat a guy like a side piece, he will treat you the same. If you are truly interested in someone, try giving him your focus and forgetting the other guys. Women are afraid of taking risks and getting hurt, but if you never put yourself out there, you’ll never get what you want. Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

The more men you juggle, the easier it is to get caught. If you involve yourself with a handful of men, make sure you don't tangle men in the same social circles. Remember that there are six degrees of separation. You don't want to be hooking up with a guy and find out that you are also hooking up with his best friend's friend. It’s easy to develop a reputation that’s difficult to shake.

Juggling men may also distract you from important things, such as your career or pursuing your own goals. Just because you aren’t focused on one guy doesn’t mean you're afraid of commitment. If you're single, you should enjoy all the perks of being single. This means prioritizing yourself over your love life. Put men to the side for a little while and figure out what you want to accomplish for yourself. Self-improvement is a vital component to being genuinely happy.

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