Why Every Girl Needs A Guy Best Friend

by Rebecca Kaminsky

Nothing is better than a girls’ night out, filled with selfies, vodka-crans, and of course an LBD. But let’s be honest, sometimes all you need is a night on the couch to bro out in sweatpants with a bag of Doritos.

For that, we have our guy friends. Every girl should have a group of guys she can chill with, but there are those lucky few who can claim they have a guy as a best friend.

No, I don’t mean a guy who pretends to be your best friend but is secretly in love with you ("Dawson’s Creek," anyone?). Those few girls are the girls doing it right. Here are the top reasons having a GBF is the move:

1. He knows you’re not a mind reader

Most arguments stem from miscommunication. Miscommunication often stems from people thinking you can read their minds. Luckily, the ideal GBF does not expect this. He, unlike your favorite gal pals, will never utter the words: “You should’ve known better.” With him, you will never have to worry about breaking girl code.

2. No drunk crying

While it is foolish to say all guys can handle their alcohol, it is safe to assume most can handle and hide the emotions alcohol may bring out. Gone is the fear of having to deal with drunk crying, slurred gibberish and dripping mascara. Not that all girls do that either, but this way you can definitely avoid getting makeup on your shirt -- unless your GBF is into that. Good vibes all around.

3. Spend less money

If there’s one thing guys hate, it’s shopping -- for the most part. No chance you’ll drag your GBF around the entire mall buying tons of sh*t you don’t even need. You go into the store, get what you need and leave. That’s it. If you’re lucky, he’ll be down to stop at Starbucks and even treat you to a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

4. You’ll always have a date

Need a plus-one to a wedding? Is your sorority’s formal coming up and your frat daddy is nowhere to be found? Don’t worry, you have a GBF! *Bonus* No awkward hook up to inevitably regret the day after.

5. He won’t mess up your cycle

Your periods definitely won’t sync up. That’s a fact.

6. No unnecessary conversations

With a GBF, there is no fluff in conversation. “Hey, I’ll be there in 10.” “K.” That's it. No, “Wait, but what are you wearing?” or random conversation fillers. He'll say what he has to say and that’s all.

7. The best gossip

Guys tell other guys stuff they would never tell a female. Despite contrary belief, guys talk just as much as girls do, maybe even more. So listen up. If you really want the juiciest gossip out there, I suggest you find a GBF. Stat.

8. Calories don’t matter

With a dude, you will never have to worry about how much you’re eating or how many calories are in your skinny diet margarita on the rocks (no salt). Chances are, your pal will order something filled with just as many, if not more, calories than you will. Enjoy your meal and don’t think twice.

9. Honest advice

Last but not least, the best of guy best friends will most likely give you honest advice about anything. He won’t pollute your mind or fuel the fire by simply agreeing with everything you say. Where your girlfriends are more concerned with your feelings, he's more concerned with the truth. He doesn't care about you getting mad, he will tell you like it is. No chance a proper GBF would be caught dead saying, “Yeah, OMG he’s such a dick,” when clearly you’re the one overreacting.

He will listen carefully and give you real advice. He will tell you if you are being ridiculous or not, and that’s something we all need every once in awhile.

Photo credit: The Last Song