The World Would (Scientifically) Be A Better Place If Every Day Were National Orgasm Day

If ever there was an arbitrary national holiday to celebrate, it’s 7-11 Slurpee Day National Orgasm Day.

Considering the New York Times found roughly only “40 percent of college women had an orgasm during their last hookup involving intercourse, but 80 percent of men did," it's our mission to raise national awareness in support of ladies' big "O."

This disparity is called the orgasm gap (much like the wage gap, except the only suit involved is your birthday one) and it means that we definitely have our work cut out for us.

Moreover, research suggests that a startling 80 percent of women fake having an orgasm. Whoa, ladies, this is not OK. Save the faking for your sh*tty birthday gift, not for the man who gave it to you.

This lack of orgasming is all the more reason we need a national day devoted to the deed. Orgasms are kind of like taking vitamins: They provide many health benefits and everybody wins in the end!

But why stop at just one day? With all the knowledge there is to gain from just a few thrusts and a moan, every day should be National Orgasm Day! Here’s why:

1. Orgasms make you happier

Using a bit of Elle Woods' logic, orgasms release endorphins, and endorphins make you happy.

Happy people don’t fake orgasms; they just don’t (they have them!). Endorphins released during sex are known to increase euphoria, pleasure and in some cases, fits of laughter. LOL, you silly orgasm, you.

2. Orgasms fight the common cold

Sexual health counselor and researcher Alison Richardson tells Cosmopolitan, “Regular sex is linked to higher levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A, which may protect us from common colds by boosting the immune system.”

Hmm, an apple a day or an orgasm? We’ll take the one with fewer carbs.

3. Orgasms help you go to sleep

Can’t sleep? Battling a bout of insomnia? In her book “The Orgasm Answer Guide,” Beverly Whipple cites a study done by Carol Rinkleib Ellison in which 32 percent of 1,866 US women surveyed said they masturbate in order to facilitate falling asleep, suggesting orgasms can serve as a natural sleep aid.

The steep drop in blood pressure and subsequent relaxation helps put you to bed. So what are you waiting for? A booty call is just a dial away.

4. Orgasms relieve headaches

“There is some evidence that orgasms can relieve all kinds of pain -- including pain from arthritis, pain after surgery and even pain during childbirth,” Lisa Stern, a nurse practitioner who works with Planned Parenthood, told Woman's Day.

Thanks to pain-relieving oxytocin and endorphins, which are both released after orgasming, your pain tolerance could increase by 70 percent.

5. Orgasms keep you looking young

That glow you get post-climax isn’t just you smiling from getting some.

Dr. David Weeks, a British consultant clinical psychologist and former head of old age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, hypothesizes that sex releases more human growth hormone, which maintains our skin's elasticity.

Moreover, Weeks noted that participants between the ages of 40 and 50, who reported having sex 50 percent more than other participants, looked younger.

Other studies suggest that sex releases DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a hormone that repairs tissues and keeps us looking young.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It