The Royal Baby Has Nothing To Do With You, Why Do You Care About Celebrity Babies?

I can honestly say I am proud of the fact that I had to ask who was giving birth today, after noticing that my friends were freaking out about someone going into labor. The response I got was, “Are you KIDDING me?! Kate Middleton!” Wow, excuse me, but remind me why I’m supposed to give a sh*t? I have a life that involves more important things than stalking the birth of a random child in London.

Statistics show that approximately 370,000 babies are born each day, but our society only seems to care about one whom has absolutely no affect on our lives. I’m more interested in what salad dressing I’m going to choose at lunch.

What is with our generation’s obsession with celebrity babies? What have they done to deserve our attention? Nothing, seeing as they haven’t even been born or spoken their first words yet. These poor kids have the limelight on them before they even get a chance to put some clothes on.

Because celebrities get so much attention for their babies, they think it’s funny to torture their children to gain publicity by naming them “Blue Ivy” or “North.” I mean, seriously, I don’t think I would ever befriend a kid with either of those names. I wouldn’t be able to address them without bursting into laughter. It’s sad that a celebrity’s childbirth can conquer the headlines of our newspapers and magazines for days, while a missing child goes unnoticed by the media.

The more time and energy we spend obsessing over the pregnancies of strangers, the less time and energy we spend on ourselves and those who actually matter in our lives.  Kate Middleton didn’t climb Mount Everest. She is doing something that hundreds of thousands of other women are also doing today. Our generation needs to stop perpetuating an obsession with things that have little to significance in our lives, before we completely lose sight of what is important.

Photo credit: WENN