18 Women Share Why White Is The Go-To Shoe Shade Of The Season

It turns out Grandpa isn't the only one rocking white kicks.

Wearing white on your feet has become so universal, it's almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing these shoes.

Despite their lack of color, white shoes make a huge style statement.

Every shoe has a story behind it. Some people keep their kicks squeaky clean while others prefer to scuff up their shoes.

The shoes tell the story of the wearer; we just have to listen.

We chased down real NYC street feet to unveil just how totally kickass wearing white can be.

High-Top Chuck Taylors

Celine Rahman

"They were presents from our mom, they fit with everything." -- Maren D. and Jenny D.


Celine Rahman

"I just bought them for comfy walking shoes." -- Sarah F.

Teva Freewheel

Celine Rahman

"I got them in R.E.I. on sale for like 10 bucks!" -- Annika G.


Celine Rahman

"They're comfy and wearable." -- Jae C.

Teva Flatform

Celine Rahman

"They were a gift from my mom, she picked them out, she has good taste." -- Ruby R.

Rag & Bone Kent Low

Celine Rahman

"They remind me of Common Projects, but they're a little bit cooler." -- Jaclyn W.

Personalized Nike Flyknit

Celine Rahman

"I customized them, but I wanted 'the look.'" -- Mariella T.

Jeremy Scott for Adidas

Celine Rahman

"I like the wings, I wear them with regular dresses." -- Edda G.

Nike Huarache

Celine Rahman

"Last week I wore them with a skirt and a sweater, today I'm wearing them with leggings." -- Jazmin M.

Gianni Bini

Celine Rahman

"My grandma actually picked them out for me, she said they would be trendy in the big city." -- Rachel C.

Vans SK8-Hi

Celine Rahman

"My friend had them and I liked them on her, so I bought the same ones." -- Olivia L.

Superga High-Top

Celine Rahman

"These are very me, they're not so girly." -- Anabel M.

Puma Match

Celine Rahman

"I've always liked Pumas, I like the shape of them." -- Joanne H.

Stan Smith Adidas

Celine Rahman

"I wore these shoes when I was young." -- Geovanna C.

Asics High-Top Tigers

Celine Rahman

"I only buy Tigers." -- Mary G.

Converse Low-Top

Celine Rahman

"I preferred eggshell over white, because everyone has white." -- Evelyn L.

Vans Leather Slip-On

Celine Rahman

"My son is 28, he told me they were cool." -- Jo S.

Aldo Hinshaw

Celine Rahman

"I was gonna get some blister pads, but instead I went to Aldo." -- Madison L.