Robot Programmed To Fall In Love Is A Psychopathic Clinger

Feeling like no one understands you? Is the reason you’re still single that you love too intensely? Or, maybe you’re not looking for anyone in particular, just a warm body to cuddle up to at night.

If what you really need is someone who will shuttup, smile and give you monster hugs when you walk through the door (and no, we’re not talking about getting a dog), then check out this high-tech robot specially programmed to fall in love with you. Ladies, meet Kenji. Kenji, meet the ladies.

By way of introduction, Kenji was created by researchers at Toshiba’s Akimu Robotic Research Institute as part of an experiment to condition robots to emotionally react to outside stimuli. In short, Kenji will embrace you for hours, crave you when you leave, and bond with you over a shared love of "The Bachelor" and Skinny Pop.

But, like every boyfriend there comes a price: it turns out Kenji is a stage five clinger. After an intern was finished performing routine tests late one evening, she tried leaving only to have Kenji "Misery"-style capture her in his bulky hug. The intern couldn’t free herself from his embrace until staff members finally turned off the robot. A technology breakthrough or breakout? Luckily, since there wasn’t any penetration, the intern is not pressing charges.

Kenji also has problems with monogamy. He’ll lock eyes with virtually anyone that comes his way and rush to love them with his two, 220 pound, hydraulic arms. And, Kenji -- like our exes -- has communications problems. He uses dog and cat noises to express his feelings for you.

The bottom line: Like pretty much every guy we know, Kenji needs work.

Via: Tech and Facts.