If You've Ever Wondered, This Is What's In A Rape Kit (Video)

We hear the term "rape kit" being thrown around everywhere, but do any of us actually know what's inside one?

This video from Time magazine shows a detailed unpacking of what makes up the components a rape kit.

Clinical social worker Monica Pombo says that the purpose of a rape kit is "to preserve the evidence" and "to maintain chain of custody," which means a precise, accurate rape kit is very helpful for law enforcement.

The kit has 15 envelopes that go from less intrusive to more intrusive, and, based on the patient's emotional state, intoxication levels and more, it can take up to 7 hours to get all the information for the rape kit.

Fingernail scrapings, swapping of the mouth and more are involved in the first part of creating the kit.

The last part of the process is the genital aspect, involving anal and vaginal swabs, which can be "very very traumatizing," and will often give patients lots of flashbacks and PTSD symptoms.

Check out the video that details the steps to make a rape kit.