The Best Ways To Wear Fringe This Fall Inspired By Real People (Photos)

Every fall, we're met with an onslaught of fringe booties paired with skinny jeans and the remainder of your summer skirts and dresses.

This year, however, the trend was on steroids. When New York Fashion Week rolled around, we didn't expect to see street style stars and editors rocking long, drapey fringe frocks, skirts and vests. There were even some fringe bags thrown in the mix. It was like Coachella got a seasonal update that was both sophisticated yet playful.

Do we expect fringe to stick around past fall? Not really. But we do know come April, we're bound to see Vanessa Hudgens rocking those fringe-y crop tops again.

An asymmetrical fringe skirt will always be unexpectedly sexy.

Celine Rahman

Perfect for date night (and for hiding your thighs).

The Australian outback look isn't going anywhere.

Celine Rahman

A crisp button-down makes the look appear more put together than it really is.

Fringe vests aren't just reserved for cowboys.

Celine Rahman

Pair it with leather to dress up the relaxed ensemble.

Don't shy away from mixing textures.

Celine Rahman

There's a lot to work with here: the metallic layering top, the patent leather booties, the soft fringe. The look is perfectly pulled together by a basic white button-down.

Play peek-a-boo with your bag.

Celine Rahman

We love how the fringe parts reveal the textured stripes.

Crop tops don't always mean bare bellies.

Celine Rahman

Her flowy white top offsets the black crop sweater.

Fringe jackets are no longer exclusive to John Wayne.

Celine Rahman

Match it with a monochrome look to balance out the chill vibe of the overcoat.