#Emergen-C: 14 Ways A Girl Knows She's Getting Sick Before She's Sick

You know that feeling when you just know something is wrong? Men may call it paranoia, but women call it intuition. With the change of seasons, there's no time you're more likely to get sick. Your body, as well as your mind, is thrown off by the change in temperature and, as a result, you become rundown and then eventually sick.

Getting sick absolutely sucks because it causes you to halt your normal routine and lifestyle. Unfortunately, 20-somethings typically ignore their intuition because, honestly, who has time to deal with being sick?

So how do you know you're on the way to sickness? Well...

1. You have trouble falling asleep

Is there anything worse than trying to fall asleep when you can't breathe and your sinuses are pounding through your skull? You felt fine upon waking up and throughout the day, but you've never felt worse come bedtime. Which only leads to...

2. If you somehow do manage to fall asleep, you can't stay asleep

Finally, you've actually fallen asleep, something you didn't think you would ever be able to do. Unfortunately, you've now woken up twice throughout the night. The worst part about this is the fact that you can never seem to immediately fall back to sleep. You move around restlessly until, by some miracle, you are actually able to fall back asleep again.

3. You are either really hungry or have no appetite

Sometimes when you are getting sick, you are starving... and other times, you have no appetite. Regardless, a change in your regular diet is an indication that something within your body is just not right. If you're like me, and eating is one of your favorite parts of the day, you definitely know something is up when you just aren't hungry.

4. You are constantly cranky

If it's not your boyfriend or your period that's making you cranky, then it could only be one other thing — you're getting sick. If you absolutely have no patience or tolerance for anyone or anything, you know it's only a matter of time before you are picking up a prescription from the local CVS.

5. You have absolutely no desire to exercise

You usually are great at motivating yourself to go to the gym on a regular basis so you know something is up when that's the last thing you want to do. It would be one thing if you were hungover or had your period, but there is actually nothing wrong... just yet.

6. Cold sweats are all too real

You go to sleep with perfectly straight hair and wake up at 4 am in a pool of your own sweat with an afro. Is there anything grosser than waking up mid-sleep, soaking wet and completely thrown off guard?

7. You couldn't be paid to socialize

Usually all you want to do is go out and party, but for some reason, you'd rather claw your eyes out than speak to people. It doesn't matter how fun plans sound, you know there is absolutely no way you would enjoy yourself whatsoever. Which brings us to...

8. You experience a strong attachment to your bed

You need your bed, you need it now and once you get it, you won't be leaving it. You couldn't even imagine what the world outside is like and, honestly, you have no interest. I'm not sure which you love more: working from home or Netflix.

9. You have no hesitations spending 12 dollars on a pack of Emergen-C

When you don't mind spending your own hard-earned money on medicine you know something is up. Usually you rationalize or try and sneak things onto your parents' medical bills, but nope you are paying whatever the price is for any medication you can get your hands on.

 10. You ask you friend whose dad is a doctor for a Z-Pack

Ain't nobody got time to hit up a real doctor, especially since a doctor's office hours are within your office hours. You can't afford another day off, so you beg your bestie to ask her dad to write you a prescription just to be cautious.

11. You're freezing even though you are buried underneath all of your covers

You may feel completely and utterly fine, but for some reason you're freezing. It doesn't matter that you are layered up in sweats and blankets, you can't seem to get warm.

12. You can't even get out of your bed for delivery

Something is most definitely wrong if you can't even make it the 10 feet from your bed to your front door for food. It's not like you even have to leave your apartment or meet the guy downstairs; he is literally at your door.

 13. You start missing your parents

You never get homesick until you are actually getting sick. You are usually completely fine taking care of yourself daily, but when the ailments start arising, you become basically inept.

 14. You try and diagnose yourself

You become obsessed with your symptoms because they just have to mean something. This only turns into you trying to become your own doctor since you know how awful it is going to a real doctor.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It