Venezuelan Government Discredits Missoni Family’s Kidnap Claims

The Missoni Family has maintained hope in the thought that the plane carrying Vittorio Missoni and friends, which disappeared early Friday morning, was actually taken over by kidnappers. The Venezuelan Government, on the other hand, feels differently.

The family believes that the four on the plane are still alive, due to the mysterious text message that was sent to Guido Foresti on January 6th, from his father, who was a passenger on the missing aircraft.

The government of the country of Venezuela has ruled out kidnapping as a possibility, and is not treating the case in that way. Telecom Italia Mobile, the cell phone company that the Foresti family uses, has also stated that while they can confirm that a text message was in fact received on Sunday, it is unclear as to when the message was actually written.

In short, it’s possible that the message could have been composed and sent before the plane disappeared. The search for the missing passengers in ongoing with no official time limit.

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