12 Quotes From Female Entrepreneurs That Will Kickstart Your Career Goals

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You can't be a girl boss alone. It takes a village-worth of encouragement from other women in charge.

Even if you're a self-starter, the guidance of entrepreneurial women who've laid a blueprint for success is invaluable. Whether you want to start the next new social media app or get promoted to management, it'll take a considerable amount of inspiration.

Stay empowered with words of advice from women who conquered their goals, despite all obstacles.

When you're scared to take that initial leap of faith and start your own business.

When your workload doubles and you're overwhelmed.

When you think you're about to ask a stupid question.

When you're nervous about trying something new.

When you feel you've finally figured out a problem after several failed attempts.

When you want to vent to your BFF about a less-than-successful project.

When you're tired of having a micromanager for a boss.

When you have no clue how to write a business plan.

When someone takes jabs at your work.

When you're deciding on what you want to offer the business world.

When you're clueless about what's going on in a meeting.

When you're asking your friends for feedback via GroupMe.