10 Old School Sex Positions You Can Spice Up In Just One Step

Good sex takes effort.

If you rely on tradition sex positions to get the job done, that's perfectly fine. But, if your sex life has gone a bit stale, you should consider tweaking your go-to positions.

The differences between a mind-blowing orgasm and barely scratching your G-spot's surface could be as simple as the tuck of a plush pillow under your tush or the lift of your legs around his or her neck.

Claire Cavanaugh, Babeland co-founder and co-author of "Moregasm: Babeland’s Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex," agrees.

She says,

Just about everyone forms sex habits without knowing it, but a good sex life strikes a balance between the comfort of the old stand-by and the exhilaration of the new. There isn’t anything in regards to sex that is outdated, except for rigidity, shame and repression.

Though we're creatures of (coital) habit, we can all up the ante in the bedroom.

In layman's terms? Go all out, ladies, especially when it comes to these 10 basic sex positions.

1. Missionary

This matrimonial situation is the Pumpkin Spice Latte of sex. It's beyond basic.

How to spice it up: You don't have to add a vibrator into the mix just to get off. Cavanaugh suggests simply turning to the side (face-to-face) with your partner and continuing the motions as usual.

You'll feel more emotionally connected and you'll be working those pelvic muscles for a seriously amazing orgasm.

2. Prone Bone

This is the position in which the woman lays flat on her back and the guy slides his penis into her lady hole. It's nice, but anytime we're laying flat, it's possible we'll want to fall asleep.

How to spice it up: Cavanaugh thinks this would be a good time to use a supporting pillow.

She says,

Add support where needed. Use the Liberator Wedge, a firm, plush pillow, for deeper penetration.

Once your bodies align, brace yourself for maximum depth and zero chance of sleep.

3. Doggy Style

Like your In & Out fries, there's no need for too many additional condiments when it comes to animal-like sex.

How to spice it up: All it takes is a lift of the pelvis.

Cavanaugh's advice:

Propping up the pelvis makes some classic sex positions more comfortable and satisfying.

4. Standing Up

Welcome to the adult version of your elementary school trust exercises. He's a keeper if he doesn't let you fall.

How to spice it up:  Keep things fresh and take your sex life out of the bedroom.

Cavanaugh says,

Having sex somewhere unusual breaks the routine.

5. Cowgirl

While you're riding your way to an orgasm, take it a step further.

How to spice it up: Get your reverse cowgirl on, girl. I know it's a lot of work, but Cavanaugh insists it's worthwhile.

6. From Behind

A little kinky play can update this common posture better than a software upgrade.

How to spice it up: Crouch onto a chair and venture into double penetration with a sex toy.

Cavanaugh says,

Don’t forget the butt! These are equal-opportunity toys that can be fun for anybody. We love the Silk dildos. They have the all-important flared base and come in three sizes. Start small and use lots of lube.

7. 69

Having each other for dinner?

How to spice it up: We suggest rummaging around your kitchen for some Cool Whip or chocolate syrup.

8. Reverse Cowgirl

If you're already used to this position, there's still a new twist you can try.

How to spice it up: If you're tired of recreating a live porno for his viewing pleasure, lean back on him harder than Fat Joe.

9. Legs over shoulders

Nothing to see here. You've been doing this for a few years.

How to spice it up: Introduce your clitoris to the Form 1 vibrator during this simple sex stunt.

Cavanaugh suggests,

This can make a difference between an okay encounter and a truly orgasmic time. Most women need clitoral stimulation during intercourse and this one can meet the need.

Alternative twist? Insert Liberator Wedge here.

10. Blowjob

Your usual position for fellatio won't add fire to a sex life that's flaming out.

How to spice it up: It may sound odd, but perform the blowjob with ice in your mouth. It adds to his satisfaction and if you're into the whole power dynamic of the blowjob, it can be very satisfying for you.