Lifestyle — These Twin Sisters Are Proving Pop-Up Stores Could Be The Future Of Shopping (Video)

Twins. The concept is based on so much of the sameness -- the same womb, the same birthday, the same mom. So it's not surprising that The Vintage Twin aims to make itself and its customers unique.

Few people buy into the saying “Copying is the biggest form of flattery” because, really, who wants to look the same? Enter Samantha and Morgan Elias, twins and co-founders of The Vintage Twin, who understand a thing or two about looking the same.

Frustrated with streamlined clothing options, Samantha started reworking her thrift store finds into unique, custom pieces. After enough people asked her where they could find exactly what she was wearing, Samantha realized just what was missing from traditional retail: individuality.

Contrary to fast fashion, The Vintage Twin found its success by providing its customers with affordable custom fashion and an assurance that each piece is 100 percent special. The company scours estate sales and markets for hidden gems -- clothing, accessories and home furnishings -- and reworks them into beautiful, one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

For The Vintage Twin, when in doubt, stand out.

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