I Tried A 'Baby Foot' Peel, And My Skin Literally Shed Itself

by Rosey Baker

It's crazy to think that just one week ago, I had no scientific evidence for my belief in reincarnation, but now I've watched it live.

I received a sample of Boscia's "Baby Foot," a new at-home chemical skin peel that promises to rid you of the roughest calluses, and return your feet to their original baby softness.

The product costs $40.00, and comes in a box smaller than a DVD case. Two plastic booties were hiding inside the box.

The instructions said to leave the booties on for an 60 to 90 minutes, but considering my feet are so callused, I stepped in glass last week and couldn't feel it, I opted for an hour and a half.


Boscia Baby Soft Foot Peel, $40, Amazon

Also, don't judge me; I live in New York City. We New Yorkers walk nearly six miles a day, and our feet rarely see sunlight, because exposing your toes to the streets of NYC is a death wish.

Day 1: The beginning.

I chose a night of the week when I was already tired and took the plastic booties out, which were filled with the special magic formula.

The ingredients are a combination of fruit acids but also the lactic, salicylic and glycolic acids that are usually found in chemical peels.

Oh, and the magic ingredient for so many of life's woes: alcohol.

The process itself is painless. You soak your feet in warm water for about 10 minutes, cut across the dotted line on the tops of the booties, slip the booties on and let them work their magic.

They say to tape around the ankle for a more secure fit, and once you put the booties on, not to move around in them.

Ninety minutes later, I took the socks off, threw out the booties (Like condoms for your feet, they're single use only.) and afterward, experienced a minty cool tingly sensation.

Day 2: Light peeling.

My feet immediately felt softer, but two days later I started to see some slight peeling.


Day 3: A lot more peeling.

By day 4: My feet looked like The Ghost Of Christmas Past.

I had almost stopped paying attention at that point, and had written off the whole process as an internet trend.

However, laying on the couch on night four, my boyfriend literally SCREAMED when he saw my foot paws. I'm talking a full-blown female horror show scream.

When I looked myself, I was thrilled and disgusted. My feet were reincarnating right before my very own peepers!


To be clear, these are not my feet. I would never have the courage or confidence to post my feet on Instagram, but I aspire to, someday after a lot of self-care.

For the next couple days, the floors in my apartment looked like I'd rented a snow machine. I've never seen anything like it.

Have you ever Swiffered up enough of your own dead skin to fill up a bottle of fish food?

Oh, you think that's disgusting?! Well at least I'm not WEARING it ON my FEET anymore, like you are!

It's been exactly 10 days, and I'm still noticing some peeling, but I have to tell anyone reading that this process is worth every penny and does for your feet what NO pedicure could ever do.

Think about how great it feels to wear a brand new, crisp pair of shoes. It's like that, but I feel like I've been handed a brand new pair of feet.

Now if I could just find an isolation tank to "baby foot" my whole body in, that would be perfect.

Someone, call The Internet. Let's make this happen.