Photos From 1902 Reveal Job Predictions For 'Women Of The Future'

by Emily Arata

One hundred years ago, visionaries and artists wondered what the future might look like for females.

A set of 20 trading cards dating all the way back to 1902, republished by the Longstreet blog in 2012, depicts “Les Femmes de l'Avenir” -- the women of the future.

In an age when most women felt uncomfortable showing a demure ankle in social settings or holding a professional position, an imaginative photographer took the time to create a world in which women held a host of jobs.

The costumes of each woman fall more on the side of post-Victorian pin-up calendar than professional garb, but it's fascinating to look at the clothing elements and attitudes that are clearly seen as important to each profession, whether it be a cigarette or a pair of spectacles.

The photos were reportedly created by A. Bergertet, of Nancy, France.

This drummer and student pose, coy but proud.

A jockey and a painter, accessories and all.

Generals and lieutenants aren't quite this corseted for combat.

This master of arms and firewoman are quite sexy for their day.

But this lawyer and doctor have practically unisex uniforms.

A stoic journalist marks a stark contrast to a smiling military recruit.

Don't mess with this forest ranger and police officer.

A lower-ranking officer and sailor seem proud of their employment.

This coach driver and mayor look chic while posing in their costumes.

A politician and infantry soldier round out the bunch.

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