This Truly Is 'The Rape Poem To End All Rape Poems' (Video)

Today is definitely a day for slam poetry, but this — the "Rape Poem to End All Rape Poems" — is another one that's worth a listen.

The performers know you're probably thinking: "Why another rape poem? Didn't I just hear like three of these?"

Maybe you did, but this sh*t is important, so listen up.

The four women performing, all from the Rutgers University slam team, will probably tell you they don't like doing these topics any more than you like hearing so many of them. But with sexual assault so rampant, the need for people to be able to talk about these traumatic experiences? That's on us.

"We wouldn't need so many damn rape poems if America had listened the first time. These poems are our prayers to beat the f*cking odds in this country."

So instead of griping over the conversation about sexual assault that never seems to end, let's make rape and harassment a thing of the past, mkay?

via Huffington Post