This Is Why My Daughter Should Want To Be An Engineer, Not A Princess (Video)

The latest ad from Goldie Box, a toy company committed to empowering women and little girls, brings up a good point: why are we all so concerned with little girls liking pink and being princesses?

Many fem groups have come out against the princess-pushing that so many parents consider normal for their young daughters, saying it's damaging to girls because it teaches them from a young age that looks and material things are the most important. This ad similarly disparages those who simply aspire to princess-dom.

Instead, Goldie Box claims, girls should aspire to be engineers — and their reasons are pretty compelling.

According to the ad, which posts its info on an amusement park set that we're left to imagine has been constructed by the featured female engineer-to-be, only 13 percent of engineers are women, despite the fact that it's a fast-growing field where the women involved actually make 33 percent more than women working in other industries.

The ad ends with the uplifting and accurate message:

"girls are more than just princesses... they are our greatest resource."

This couldn't be more true, and provides the reason behind Goldie Box's work in manufacturing toys that encourage learning over dress-up.

After all, if we don't encourage girls to pursue real and attainable success in fields like math and science on the playground, why should we expect them to want it for themselves later in life?

H/T: Mashable