This Is What Women In Famous, Historical Paintings Would Look Like If They Were Photoshopped

by Katie Gonzalez

Photoshopping really isn't fair, is it? So often, perfectly imperfect bodies are virtually nipped and tucked to reflect some unattainable "ideal" beauty standard.

Photoshopping is typically reserved for celebs who grace the covers of magazines and the already-emaciated models in their glamorous photo spreads, and we've grown accustomed to seeing it there.

Which is why these memes are so jarring.

Instead of slimming down Hollywood stars, they feature some of the art world's most iconic women after being "Photoshopped," illustrating how different their portrayals would be if their body types were forced to conform to today's extra-skinny standard.

It's absolutely unnatural to see Sandro Botticelli’s famous "Birth of Venus" subject with a larger chest and smaller waist, but noting how wrong these alterations are only further convinces us that Photoshopping shouldn't be a unanimously accepted norm.

If these women throughout history have proven their staying power with "average" body types, why are we now so preoccupied with immortalizing women in a clearly nonexistent female form?

Kudos to TakePart photo editor Lauren Wade for making these memes, and proving to us that our current and excessive use of Photoshop is changing our conception of beauty in the worst of ways.

The above are some of our favorite GIFs, but check out the original post on TakePart for the rest of these images.

H/T: BuzzFeed, Photos Courtesy: takepart