This Guy's List Of Requirements For Girls On OKCupid Will Leave Him Forever Alone

Looks like this dude will never, ever get a date in his entire life. His ridiculous list of "Requirements" for a woman to message him on OKCupid is absurd and pretty much eliminates all women in the entire world.

Do you like bacon? Are you a happy person in general? Don't message this guy. Have you killed the occasional spider? Don't even think about it. Do you believe everyone is entitled to an opinion? F*ck off.

I can hardly imagine the kind of person he is, let alone the kind of woman he wants. I mean, who refuses to date a girl just because she reads Cosmo?

Newsflash: A lot of girls read Cosmo. Sorry. How else do you think we learned how to give such stellar blowjobs? Be thankful for Cosmo.