This 17-Year-Old Girl Has A Better Understanding Of What's Important Than Most Adults Do (Video)


In response to the haters, the many men in society as well as the women (we're certainly not blameless in perpetuating this phenomenon), who teach girls to despise their bodies and themselves, the inspirational Savannah Brown of A Mighty Girl spells out the truth in the form of a slam poem.

Brown decided to post her own social commentary after watching a video Nash Grier uploaded to YouTube and then almost immediately took down, which we can only assume was due to the sexist nature of the clip's contents.

In the 10-minute-rant, Grier and friends discuss "What Guys Look for in Girls"— the first of all those super important traits being a woman's ability to "entertain me."

But in reality, Grier's removal of the clip just shows that he's ashamed, and it's Brown who eloquently gets the quickly-uttered last word:

H/T: Upworthy