5 Crazy Thoughts You Have When Your Best Friend Gets Engaged

By Alex Schnee

You were there for her when her cat got run over, and when you attended the middle school dance together because she couldn't get a date.

You were there for her best moments and her worst, and you still managed to love each other. You want for her everything in the world that will make her happy.

Now, she's engaged.

Hearing the news for the first time can come as a shock (or not, depending on how often you talk about waiting for a proposal). There are certain thoughts that run through your mind, all of which are overwhelming and hard to control.

Here are some thoughts that bombarded me when my best friend told me she and her boyfriend were thinking about tying the knot:

5. Holy Sh*t, I've Lost Her

It's the end of an era, the end of saying you two are peas in a pod. Her new pea is kicking you out of the pod. Sure, he may have been a presence, and you may be friends with him, as well. You may dislike him or think of him as a brother.

However, nothing prepared you for the moment when you would be forced to realize that from now on, things will be a little bit different. Your pod might become a bit crowded with three peas in it.

4. But She's So Happy With Him

Yeah, it's the end of something, but it's also the beginning of a beautiful new relationship for her. You've heard about their ups and downs — the moments she wants to strangle him and the times she absolutely can't imagine her life without him.

Even though you know the details of the best and the worst, you've seen how happy she is with him, and you realize how truly important that is in a relationship. You know the good stuff has always outweighed the bad.

3. We're Truly Adults Now

You may have been putting off reality for years, but now, here it is, staring you in the face. We're old enough to commit to someone seriously and begin our lives with another person about whom we really care.

Before, it was easy to kind of disregard and to avoid adulthood by paying cheap rent and making sure there were plenty of leftovers in the fridge so we wouldn't have to cook. Dates alone, with a bottle of wine, seemed perfectly reasonable.

However, when someone really important to you finds someone with whom to share her life, it's a reminder that the necessity to grow up is just around the corner.

2. The Wedding

You can't help but think about the part you will play in her special day. More than anything, you want to make sure it's an event she will always remember — but, you've never had that responsibility on you before. What if she asks you to be maid of honor?

The last speech you gave was at that fiction reading in college and several people expressed concern about the amount you were sweating because you were so nervous. You might come up with a funny anecdote or two, but will the crowd and her family appreciate it? What if you absolutely ruin everything?

1. Best Friends Forever?

No matter what she asks of you or what kind of support she needs, you know you will be beside her for whatever may come. You've been there for each other through pretty much everything, and you know she'll be there for you on your special day.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It