There's Nothing Like A South Paw: Lefties Have Better Sex Than Righties

Say it ain't so!

Lefties might have to deal with awkward desks in middle school, but it turns out those struggles pay off later in life.

According to a new survey by sex toy company Lelo, left-handed people are five times more likely to be satisfied after sex.

Out of all the individuals surveyed, 86 percent of lefties said they were "extremely satisfied" with their sex lives, compared to 15 percent of right-handed people who reported feeling the same.

No word on where those with ambidexterity fall on this sliding scale of sex, but since they go both ways, things are looking pretty good for them.

This new survey doesn't bode too well for us ladies. With a total of 10-14 percent of people being left-handed, the number of male lefties is over double the number of females who are predominantly so.

These results might be explained by previous surveys that indicate that lefties receive more testosterone in the womb, making the left-handed more dominant in bed... and perhaps more willing to demand what they want.

LINK: U.K. Mirror, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It