The Fictional Character You Would Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Ashley Fern

Fictional characters can become as familiar to us as the real people in our lives. As you become invested in a television program or in movies, you can't help relating to certain characters and the situations they are in.

These films and programs are a great way to escape from your mind for hours at a time. They provide a form of escapism, allowing you to imagine yourself in a different place.

A person's favorite television show discloses a lot about a person's nature, just as well as his or her zodiac sign might. The personality traits each sign possesses reveal a lot about personal character. Can the two relate to one another? Who knows, but it sure is fun to ponder.

Let's check out the fictional character you would date based on your zodiac sign:

Aries – Aaron Samuels ("Mean Girls")

Aries possess a strong drive as they carry a “me first” attitude with them. They are virtually unstoppable and highly independent. This doesn't mean they don't want a counterpart for their journey through life; they just need a certain type of person that can handle them. Aaron Samuels from "Mean Girls" fully embraced Regina's leadership and attitude. He actually respected her as the strong partner and allowed her to “wear the pants.”

Taurus – Dan Humphrey ("Gossip Girl")

A Taurus tends to have a stable and reliable demeanor. People of this sign relish in the simple comfort and pleasures life has to offer. Their ideal partners are those who share this mindset, as they are turned off by disruption and being pushed too hard. Who better fits these qualities than Dan Humphrey of "Gossip Girl"? Dan is a down to earth guy who appreciates the little things in life, as he did not grow up surrounded by luxuries.

Gemini – Ari Gold ("Entourage")

The personal nature of a Gemini is one of contradiction, as represented by the twins. Geminis are dual-natured and emotionally inconsistent. Finding love with Geminis can be a daunting task due to their conflicting emotions. They love the chase but once that's over, they become bored and look for the next challenge.

Despite this, Geminis hate being alone. In the search for an ideal partner, this person would have to allow the Gemini to run free and be independent. Who would the fictional character be in this sense? None other than business douchebag Ari Gold. He is self-established and won't concern himself with your whereabouts at all times. You don't require much from him, he's up and down and can keep track of your mood swings. He's tough and can handle your emotional craziness.

Cancer – Jim Levenstein ("American Pie")

Cancers are extremely sensitive people who have trouble handling their emotions. Cancers are often moody, yet tend to be very sympathetic. Perhaps the biggest downfall of dating Cancers is the fact that they are unable to let things go.

They don't want to hear your opinion on situations, as their beliefs are what matter most. They hate being told what to do and try and avoid aggravating circumstances. Jim is a mellow guy and one that worships the ground his counterpart walks on. This is the ideal Cancer partner, as Jim would more than tolerate the mood swings. He also isn't the type to push his opinions onto others.

Leo – Lucas Scott ("One Tree Hill")

A person with the zodiac sign of Leo has a generous and warmhearted soul. If you date a Leo, loyalty and love are basically guaranteed. As enticing as this seems, you have to be careful because they can be intolerant and patronizing at times. This sounds like one of the better-rounded personality types. What TV character would make the perfect boyfriend for a female Leo?

Lucas Scott from "One Tree Hill" seems to fit the bill. This character is more than capable of a loving, committed relationship while putting up with the not so desirable tendencies. He isn't fazed by female backlash and instead tries to be empathetic, as opposed to aggressive.

Virgo – Seth Cohen ("The O.C.")

A Virgo by nature is shy and modest. Virgos are very practical in their work and display a high level of intelligence. These people are rather conservative, so it would only make sense that their partners have some of these same attributes. When you think of a smart and loyal guy, Seth Cohen from "The O.C." might be the first to drift to your mind. This gawky teen would make a great boyfriend to any female Virgo.

Libra – Pacey Witter ("Dawson's Creek")

A Libra is a great person to get into a relationship with, as they are romantic, easygoing and sociable. The easygoing aspect of a Libra's personality may be the most enticing factor, as drama would be limited.

Don't be fooled by their flirtatious nature, if Libras are with you, they are completely invested in it. Empathy is a trait that is more than evident if you are in a relationship with a Libra. Their perfect television counterpart would have to be Pacey Witter from "Dawson's Creek." Pacey is a hopeless romantic as he searches for the love he never received from his parents. The empathy he needs can be given to him by his Libra counterpart.

Scorpio – Hank Moody ("Californication")

A Scorpio has very strong contradicting qualities; they are passionate yet jealous, exciting yet obsessive, and determined yet secretive. This sounds like one big confusing package and one that takes a special type of person to deal with.

There is someone out there for everyone in this world and a Scorpio is no exception. The fact that a Scorpio is the symbol for sex may be intriguing for potential partners. Due to this fact, the television counterpart couldn't be anyone other than Hank Moody from "Californication." All of Hank Moody's motives are driven by sex, a quality a Scorpio can appreciate. He has an erratic personality that seems to align with that of his Scorpio partner.

Sagittarius – Shawn Hunter ("Boy Meets World")

People of the star sign Sagittarius are known for their honest and straightforward demeanors. These are great qualities to look for in a partner. The worst quality these people possess is that they are restless and sometimes careless. Hmm, that doesn't sound too bad to me. They make up for these qualities with their intellect and optimistic viewpoints.

Make sure you don't try and restrain a Sagittarius, as this will certainly backfire on you. Shawn Hunter from "Boy Meets World" would thrive with a Sagittarius as a counterpart; they are both free-spirited and enjoy trying new things. Shawn was somewhat of a bad boy in this series, something his partner would definitely enjoy.

Capricorn – Dexter ("Dexter")

Dexter would make the perfect boyfriend for a female Capricorn because they are both patient and careful. Yes, we all know Dexter is a serial killer, but the way he thinks and carries out his behavior is aligned with Capricorn tendencies. He is extremely practical, reserved and always considers the worst possible scenario. So before you go knocking him for being a killer, try and take a more objective approach to his personality.

Aquarius – Aiden ("Sex and the City")

An Aquarius tends to be an extremely honest, loyal and independent person. These people need someone who respects them and their motives. They dislike excessive loneliness and want to be with someone who will pay constant attention to them. As you saw in "Sex And The City," Aiden couldn't fill this role any better. He is a loyal guy who is always there when needed.

Pisces – Charlie Dattolo ("Girls")

A Pisces woman needs someone who will understand and appreciate her deep emotions.

This is why Charlie from the HBO series "Girls" would be a perfect match. He is a sensitive and intelligent musician. He also developed an app that requires you to pay a certain amount of money to text your exes. You can tell he is creative by nature and that's something every Pisces female is drawn to.