The Difference Between Being High Strung And High Maintenance

by Ashley Fern

No one likes to be labeled high strung or high maintenance, but that doesn't stop people from acting in a manner that warrants this title.

Everyone has that friend who falls into either of these two categories, but it's okay you love her anyway.

Despite trying to intervene and help your friend relinquish said title, your efforts fall flat and she continues living in this way. But how do you know if your friend is high strung or just high maintenance?

You would think the two would be one in the same, but alas they are two very distinct entities.

Check out the following scenarios that help to decipher the difference between these two categories.

Scenario 1: You take forever to get ready

The showering process is high maintenance in and of itself, as it requires extensive time spent shampooing, conditioning and shaving.

This isn't what we're talking about here. What we're talking about is the process afterwards. You know, when you put six plus products in your hair followed by another hour spent styling it.

But no, the battle isn't even close to finished. You still have to put on your makeup, which will obviously take at least 45 minutes because, for the life of you, you can't get your top eyeliner wings to match.

Fifteen Q-tips later and you are finally ready to pick out your outfit. Seven trials and three Snapchats to your best friend later, you are actually ready.

Verdict: High Maintenance

Scenario 2: You see no issue sending incessant text messages

Regardless of what the present situation is, it inevitably involves a ridiculous string of text messages with little room for followup.

Good luck to this girl who just started talking to a guy because you know exactly where that is going: nowhere.

She thinks that sending back-to-back messages will speed up response time. Newsflash: The more you talk, the less the other person will and isn't that the exact opposite of what you want?

She allows no room for mystery, over analyzes ever single exchange and, as a result, basically floods his inbox.

Verdict: High Strung

Scenario 3: You spend money to do something when you can easily do it yourself

This girl takes a cab when it's just as easy, if not easier, to walk. She pays to have her laundry sent out and delivered. If she's feeling especially lazy that day or night, she pays to get her hair blown out.

How this girl can afford all these luxuries when I can't even afford rent or groceries is beyond me, but to each her own.

She doesn't believe she is doing anything wrong since these services obviously exist for a reason, but there is clearly a problem when you are the only taking advantage of all of them... and regularly.

You and your friends try and make her see clarity, but your efforts fail as she continues scheduling her weekly blowouts.

Verdict: High Maintenance

Scenario 4: You host a party/pregame and freak out for three hours beforehand

What will everyone wear? When is everyone coming over? What if no one shows up? Did I get enough chasers? Will people bring their own alcohol? Or is this something I'm responsible for? Will everyone get into the bar afterwards? Is that even my problem?

This person needs to chill the F out and relax. Anything and everything is a huge deal and basically an end-of-the-world problem.

You aren't really sure why this person would ever step up to host anything, given her anxiety rises through the roof, but at least she will be cleaning up the mess come the next morning and not you.

Verdict: High Strung

Photo via We Heart It