The 20 Things You Never Want To See Your Boyfriend Wear


In 20 Things You Never Want to See Your Girlfriend Wear, men made it clear they have rules for what they “allow” their girlfriends to wear in public. A man's theory is: when his girlfriend is alone with him, anything goes. When she is out in public being seen by other men, however, she must adhere to certain guidelines pertaining to her wardrobe that “represent” him well.

Since you didn’t elect me as your governor, I don’t think it’s my job to represent you. While we’re on the topic, though, here are 20 things we never want to see our boyfriends wear. By the way, we don’t give a sh*t whether it’s in private or public, at night or day, over here or over there, on a boat or in a mote… it’s just never ok to wear these things.

A Fedora

An Argyle Sweater Vest

Plaid Shorts

A Short Sleeve Plaid Button Up

A Wife Beater


Anything Ed Hardy or Diesel

All White Everything

A Shirt That Says “Like A Boss”

A Man Purse or “Satchel”

Adidas Flip-Flops With Socks

Loafers With Socks in the Summer

Chin Strap


Leather Pants

Tube Socks

An Earring

Anything Oversized

Bowling Shirts

Pants Below Your Ass