Tasteless Desigual Ad Glorifies Poking Holes In Condoms To Celebrate Mother's Day

by Katie Gonzalez

Fake baby bumps and holes punched into a condom by a clearly crazy girlfriend? This Desigual commercial is a new low for advertisers and the retailers alike.

In this short Spanish clip, called "#tudecides" (you decide), it appears as though the model's desire to become a mother, after spending a few short moments looking at herself in a mirror with a synthetic tummy, inspires her to poke holes in a pack of condoms.

Not surprisingly, the ad caused quite the uproar.

Although the point is not quite clear in the 20-second clip, since this commercial aired, Desigual has come out to explain that it was produced in response to a new, anti-abortion draft law in Spain, which would mandate that women are only allowed abortions in the case of rape or if the fetus poses a threat to the mother's health.

We get it — being able to decide when and if you want a child is a right that women should have, just like they should be able to choose when and if they do not want to get pregnant.

But Desigual tried to get this message across in such a convoluted manner, it's clearly and simply in poor taste. According to those behind the ad, the commercial attempted to:

"reinforce the message that was featured in all of their campaigns to date: the power of people to make decisions. This ad represented a call for personal liberation and [for people] to follow their dreams. Putting a hole in a condom can be a hymn to motherhood. A symbol, a metaphor. The imagination is free to think of the consequences."

Sorry, but poking a hole in a condom isn't about freedom, it's about deceit. Just like outlawing abortions isn't about saving baby lives, it's about restricting choice and reproductive liberties.

H/T: The Local