Your Sunburn Is A Perfect Metaphor For Your Reckless, Spontaneous Life

by Ali DiBarba

Life is never as carefree as it is during the summertime.

Work is more relaxed, leaving early on Fridays is actually encouraged and being outdoors is at the forefront of everyone's minds.

Your cranky manager has suddenly transformed into a happy-go-lucky individual, and you couldn't be happier about it. I mean, you have plans to tend to!

And with these plans, come some things we all love -- tans -- as well as some things we must accept -- sunburns.

Living life in this carefree way doesn't really cater itself to an even tan and as long as we're running around having the time of our lives, that's just something we've grown to embrace.

But our sunburns represent much more than the fact that we've been out in the sun. Yes, they dip much more into our personality and disposition.

1. You're not afraid to cross the line

While other people are concerned with staying in the lines, you don't care if you cross them, zig zag them, cut them or whatever else the crazy patterns on your bathing suit are doing to them.

2. You act first, and regret later (if at all)

You're online shopping, you found a really cute top and sent it to your friend for her opinion, obviously. She tells you it's great but that it will give you awful tan lines — really? People think this way? Who knew, because you certainly don't? * Purchases item *

3. You're not afraid to feel the burn

Beauty equals pain, at least that's the mindset we've been raised with. No amount of sun strength is going to prevent you from doing whatever it is you want, even if that results in red skin.

4. You don't stop until you burn yourself out

You're in it to win it -- in every aspect of life. You won't stop until you physically and mentally cannot go on any longer. Sometimes this is a great thing, actually F it — it's always a great thing.

5. You only live in the moment

You aren't worried about the future, you only care about what you're doing at this exact moment. Sure, you may get burned but that's a problem you can deal with later.

6. Hotness isn't a look, it's a feeling

You only look as good as you feel, so if you're body is literally on fire, then your outwards appearance will most definitely reflect that. If that results in some unfortunate tan lines, oh well, it's just part of the process.

7. You're out living, not tanning

The only reason you're even out in the sun is that it's happening while you're out living your life. Your main goal isn't to get tan, but if it's a byproduct of whatever it is you're doing at that time, well hell f*cking yeah!

8. You're out living life, not pretending to enjoy it

Too many people these days are living life concerned about what others may think. Well that is everyone except for you. Honestly you couldn't be less concerned about what others may think because you're too busy living your own life.

9. You don't take the easy way out

Of course, the easiest way to avoid tan lines and sun burn is to wear normal clothing and normal swimsuits and normal amounts of sunblock, but who ever wanted to be normal?

10. You're not afraid to sacrifice your body for the cause

If getting sunburned means you're living a carefree and spontaneous life then so f*cking be it! It's a small price to pay for utter and sheer bliss.

11. You don't hide when someone tells you to play it safe

While your friends are hiding in the shade, you're out running around in the sun.

12. You're not afraid to look stupid if it means you're having a good time

Lobster isn't a good look for anyone -- not even lobsters, really. But if looking cool means standing on the sidelines, you're not about that life. Sure, you may look stupid later on, but it's the current moment you're worried about.

13.  You understand that good things have consequences

And, honestly, you don't really give a sh*t about said consequences.

14. You aren't concerning yourself with the opinions of others

Y'all stick with your boring as triangle tops. We all know the one in the ridiculous outfit is having a much better time than you anyway.

15. You don't think about the consequences until you have to

And even then you don't fully consider them.

16. You don't listen to authority

Yeah that's right — stick it to the man (or woman).

17. You're not afraid of getting hurt

The more you suffer, the tougher your skin gets; so in the end, aren't you really helping yourself?

18. You get red from living, not from embarrassment

There is no such thing as being embarrassed, just own everything that happens to you and learn to laugh at yourself.

19. You live your life in extremes

There's no such thing for you as a happy medium. You are only content when you're pushing the boundaries.

20. You're raw

And you're not afraid to flaunt it.

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