Elite Style Pick: Top 10 Summer Dresses


With summer just around the corner, women everywhere will be dropping their favor of some perfectly seasonal summertime dresses. But finding the perfect dress for the right occasion is not always an easy task. Chic, adaptable city girls have it down to an art.

The Little White Dress

Milly , Floral Eyelet Shift Dress

One of the most obvious trends of the summer, the little white dress is an necessary addition to every girl’s closet. Eyelet, lace, satin or silk, a good white dress will fall just above the knee and draw attention to tanned summer legs.

Wear it with tan sandals or give it some oomph with a pair of chunky nude heels.

The Festival Dress

Gypsy Junkies , Mimi Daisy Tunic

It’s festival season! Festival-going girls need to stay ahead of the crowd with a something unique and retro cool. This dress will have you looking like the progeny of the hottest chick at Woodstock. Keep it classy though, and don’t go making out with any trees.

Pair it with chunky gold jewelry...and some shoes you aren’t afraid to ruin.

The 'Brunch With My Boyfriend's Parents' Dress

Anthropologie , Gerbera Surplus Dress

This is, of course, a tricky one. An occasion such as this calls for a conservative daytime dress, but you don’t want to end up looking like you’re about to enter the convent, either.

The spring/summer line at Anthropologie offers a variety of stylish but far-from-racy dresses that are perfect for schmoozing the boyfriend’s parents all day long.

Pair it with a basic clutch and flats or subtle wedges.

The 'Throw It Over A Bikini' Dress

Mara Hoffman , Poncho Dress

Mara Hoffman’s summer collection is colorful and eye-catching, with mayan accents and geometric prints. Check out the suits and cover up with this piece!

Pair it with leather sandals, a woven beach tote, and some big sexy shades.

The 'Straight From Work To The Bar Dress

Need Supply , Sand Dress

What’s the best thing after a long, hard day of work? Alcohol, of course. This dress makes it easy to go from work mode to unavoidable hangover mode.

Wear it with a fitted black blazer during the day, then toss on some heels at night.

The Uptown Dress

Diane von Furstenburg , Carpreena Mini Rose Jacquard Dress

Mimosa-sipping, excessive shopping, and golf-club attending - that’s how you start to look like an uptown chick. Or you could, of course, just wear this dress and fake it!

Pair it with simple gold jewelry, patent leather nude heels, and a snooty attitude.

The Downtown Dress

Pepe Jeans , Patterned Maxi Dress

“Yeah, I just left the Highline, I’m on my way to the used book store on - Oh, what’s that you say? Drinks at the sketchy bar underneath the thrift store at astor place? Yeah - I’ll totally meet you there! I just need to pick up a pack of American Spirits first..”

Pair it with a tan purse, gladiator sandals, and a colorful tattoo with some obscure literary reference.

The Brooklyn Dress

Madewell, Glasshouse Strapless Dress

A mix of downtown eclectic and uptown yuppie, this dress will definitely allow you to blend right into the “park-slope-is-the-new-greenwich-village” scene.

Pair it with strappy black sandals and lots of bracelets.

The Day Party dress

Nasty Gal , Ruffled Crochet Dress

More classy than a barbeque but less uptight than a fancy luncheon, day parties are frequent during the summer and are normally held on the roofs or outdoor spaces belonging to lounges and clubs.

This dress is neither too casual nor too proper, and combines two of the summer’s trends: crochet fabric and pink and coral color schemes.

Pair it with brown sandal heels, and add a clutch for some added class.

The “Maybe This Time I’ll Get into Boom Boom Room” Dress

Bec and Bridge , Snake Charmer Reversible Dress

First and foremost, entry to the Boom Boom Room is nothing an Elite woman should worry about, but well known people have been turned away. Models are turned away. You’ve got to be the creme de la creme of people to enter this place - or you need to look like it at least.

Pair it with gold strappy heels, a clutch, and an expression which says “I own this place, I don’t even know why I waited in line..” 

And hide the victory dance until after you’ve passed the bouncers.

Alexa Noelle | Elite Daily