Sudanese Woman Previously Sentenced To Death For Marrying Christian Will Be Freed

When Meriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese national whose father was Muslim, married her husband and later learned she was pregnant, the government in Khartoum accused the doctor of "apostasy" for being with a Christian man.

Although she was thrown in jail and sentenced to public flogging and even death, international outrage at Ibrahim's story has thankfully led her execution orders to be reversed.

Her execution was previously scheduled for sometime after she gave birth, and Ibrahim had her second child while being detained in prison.

Both her infant daughter and her 20-month old son were reportedly confined to jail with Ibrahim as she awaited news on her sentencing.

With media outlets and human rights groups spreading the news of the egregious application of Sudanese law, which sought to punish Ibrahim for "illicit sex" since her non-religious marriage was not recognized, Ibrahim's lawyers were able to negotiate with Sudanese officials and get her execution orders overturned.

Certain groups, however, are still skeptical that Ibrahim will be allowed to safely leave the prison where she is currently being held.

Until she is safely out of the country and reunited with her American husband, some advocates say that the government could reverse its decision, or that other upset parties could still harm Ibrahim.

Hopefully, after enduring so much already, she'll make it safely home to her family where she can continue to live freely.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: Facebook