Study Says Men Are A Lot More Useless Than Previously Thought (Shocker)

Turns out that men really ARE good for nothing (as if we needed a study to prove that!) According to a recent survey of 1,000 adults, only 10 percent of women thought men could iron a shirt (they can’t,) and only four percent of women thought that men could dance (they can grind!)

Don’t worry, men, you aren’t totally worthless. We still need you to kill spiders, change flat tires and barbecue the chicken. The majority of women surveyed in a recently study confirmed that men are, in fact, good at accomplishing those three things …and also getting drunk at family events (Is that a bad thing?).

I have to say I think this study is b*llshit. Most men are afraid of spiders, too ...kidding. As much as we hate to admit it, women definitely can’t live without men.

The women who took part in the study also said that men are good at choosing the wrong size clothing for their significant others. Sorry, he sees you as a Victoria’s Secret model when you’re really more like Rosie O’Donnell (but is there anything wrong with that?).

According to the survey, men also suck at cooking anything with a complicated recipe attached. Duh, that's because bitches belong in the kitchen! Kidding, again.

The good news is, the results of the survey didn’t hurt the feelings of men. Three in four men said that they DGAF and feel that they are good enough at the skills, which they care about. ...AKA, nothing that's useful to a woman. It all makes sense now.

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Via: Daily Mail