19 Struggles Every Girl Who's Taken A Group Exercise Class Knows Well

Group exercise classes are a gift from God — the fitness gods. They can make any anti-gym goer actually look forward to exercising.

I know, sounds ridiculous. So why is that what happens? Because most of the other people in there don't f*cking want to be either.

Everyone came from work, is tired and, honestly, would much rather be curled up in bed than warming up with jumping jacks.

The best part about the class is you feel super accomplished afterward despite how much effort you actually exerted during the class.

Sounds like a terrible rationalization, but as every participant knows, sometimes you just have those days. But as great as group classes can be, they can also be quite annoying.

1. When the teacher chooses the worst music and accompanies it with her monotonous voice

Is there anything less motivating than bad music and bad instruction?

Because if there is, I have yet to come across it. The music and teacher can completely change the vibe of your class.

There's nothing more annoying than realizing how bad an instructor is within just the first few minutes.

2. When you have to pay the pesky fee that comes with a cancellation

Sometimes life happens, and you can't make a class you tried so hard to get into.

Unfortunately, most studios don't really care about the extenuating circumstances of your life and will still make you pay.

3. When you can't find a class that's at a great time, has a perfect locker room and is relatively close to your office

There will never be the perfect place. But when it comes to choosing a studio that's right for you, one place will be too far, one will have awkward times, and one will probably have an extremely crowded changing room.

4. When you're not late but are somehow stuck with no spot once the doors finally open

How is it possible that everyone else was able to get there so much earlier than you? Don't these people have work?!

5. When you're clearly doing worse than absolutely everyone else

Is there anything more awkward than being completely offbeat from everyone else in the class?

Trust me, it's no fun, but you can rest assured that someone else thinks she's worse than you.

6. When it smells, you smell and the girl next to you smells

The lack of ventilation in an exercise studio is enough to drive you crazy.

How are you supposed to breathe correctly if you are fighting off the nearest smells?

7. When your friend agrees to go with you and cancels last minute because she's lazy

Enough with the excuses because when you cancel, it's because you just don't want to go anymore. Just own up to bailing, and all will be fine.

8. When you realize you should've gotten there 30 minutes earlier

It really sucks when you realize you should've stretched before the class began.

But now you're halfway through it, and you can't feel your legs.

9. When you have to fight to actually get into the class

There's room for everyone, but when the doors initially open, it's basically a free-for-all.

10. When you get yelled at for showing up five minutes late

Again, life happens, so spare us the lecture. We know we're late, we have anxiety, and your berating is just simply unappreciated.

11. When the instructor uses you as a demo

Take this as a compliment, but the pressure is on. Why? Because you don't want this to happen...

12. When the instructor calls you out for sucking

There's nothing more embarrassing than having your bad form called out for everyone to bear witness too. The awkward moment when you actually thought you had the hang of it.

13. When you're stuck next to a person who can't figure out WTF she's doing

It's quite distracting when the person in the class next to you isn't fully aware of what's even going on. Chalk it up to the domino effect.

14. When the person before you didn't wipe the equipment down

It's pretty gross when you reach for a mat, and it's clear the person ahead of you just laid his or her sweaty body over it for the past hour. What happened to common courtesy people?

15. When the AC is malfunctioning

Lovely — you come to the gym ready to sweat, but if you wanted it to be to this extent, you would've signed up for hot yoga instead.

16. When your socks keep slipping off during your class

If you need a wardrobe adjustment, you better excuse yourself. I'm not sure if it's more distracting or annoying for you or the people around you.

17. When you make awkward eye contact and get completely thrown off

It's hard enough keeping track of yourself in the front mirror, so once you get into the hard gaze of someone else, well, good luck staying on your feet.

18. When you forget a pair of socks, and they charge you $14 for one pair

It seems as if the employees of gym facilities everywhere like to mess with people by charging over $10 for one pair of whatever you desperately need.

19. When you're stuck working out next to a couple

Sally finally convinced Harry to take that gym class with her, and lucky you, you get to listen and watch as he complains the entire time.

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