Stop Traffic With Your Fashion

There’s a big difference between “fashion” and “style.” Fashion is about clothes and their relationship to the moment in time they’re being presented in. Style is about you and your relationship to yourself.  Fashion is in the clothes. Style is in the wearer.

With that, we have seen in the past how there have been show-stopping ensembles that brought traffic to a halt. There was J-Lo’s iconic low plunge Versace dress and Julia Roberts’s vintage Valentino at the Oscars these are simply unforgettable and will remain in fashion history forever.

Style is a way of capturing something vibrant, making a statement about ourselves by means of clothes. Style is the representation of the person you want everyone to see you as. Even if  you’re merely buying something for its value as a status symbol… but even then you’re still making a telling statement about yourself.

You want to find pieces that stand out and are not seen on every woman from the east to west coast.  It’s not just about the piece, but it is also how you wear and accessorize it.  So, find your look and stop traffic.

What makes an ensemble a stop-traffic look? Not only does your style have to be right, but what really puts this together and gives it that power is your confidence and stature when you're wearing in it.

Like when you see two women in the same outfit, but you only notice one because that woman walks and acts like she owns it. Here are some stop-traffic pieces that will be sure to have heads turning and a few others drooling.

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Runway Chic Silk Short Set $149

Fierce Beckham Dress $135

Versace Style Mini $198

Chanel Style Suit $249

Stunning Peplum $99

Golden Goddess Ultimate Gladiators $399

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