There's Now Stick-On Underwear For Women Who Really Hate Panty Lines

by Talia Koren
Jesse Morrow

At first, when I saw the term "strapless panty," I was skeptical. But after looking into it, I honestly kind of want a pair myself.

I mean, how annoying is it to throw on a sexy, tight dress and have your whole look interrupted by panty lines?

OK, yes, granny panties might be having a moment right now, and full underwear is definitely making a comeback.

Hailey Baldwin is actually a huge fan of them. And some celebs, like Bella Hadid, aren't jumping at any opportunities to hide their undies. Bella's recent look involved showing off thick panty straps.

But some women still want nothing to do with panty lines, and that includes me.

Enter strapless panties. Shibue Couture is literally mesmerizing all of us with stick-on panties that come in nude or black. They're like regular thongs —wait for it — without the straps.

It's basically like wearing a sticker up your ass, but with no panty lines.

Some dresses, skirts and pants aren't forgiving at all, even if you wear the lightest, best-fitting underwear ever made.

Then again, wearing boy shorts doesn't always help, either.

And in case you were worried about the feeling of sticky tape, you're in luck. The adhesive part of these strapless panties isn't anything like tape, as you might expect. It stays on thanks to the "re-usable soft silicone gel adhesive."

Thankfully, they also come with something to cover the adhesive to preserve its stickiness. (You know, so your strapless panties don't fall off in the middle of the day.)

This video below shows how it works. The part that goes over your butt is even a heart. How cute.

Imagine coming home from a date and quite literally peeling off your underwear. It could either be really sexy, or the guy will just be really confused.

Personally, I would only wear these if I were going to a fancy event that DEFINITELY had air conditioning. Otherwise, I'd be scared of sweating this thing right off my crotch.

Needless to say, I definitely wouldn't work out wearing strapless panties.

This panty is basically the closest you can get to going commando, without actually going commando.


Which side do you peel off first, if you have to pee? Do you take the whole thing off? That's my question.

Would you consider wearing strapless panties? Let us know.

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