How To Secure The New Year's Kiss You Always Dreamed Of

It’s that time of the year again! Time to look over the past 12 months and reflect upon whether or not we’ve honored our resolutions.

Regardless of how you feel you fared, take a moment to identify your triumphs and accomplishments throughout the year. And maybe, just maybe, your year can end on a super high note.

Every New Year’s Eve, we find ourselves at some kind of party. But upon the last few seconds of the year, with confetti flying through the air, loud music pumping and champagne flowing, time seems to slow, sound seems to soften and only one question seems clear: Who to kiss?

Before the festivities commence, you mentally and physically prepare for this moment. You’ve probably already decided on that special dress you’ll wear and thought about the perfect makeup regimen to look as amazing as possible.

You prepare yourself for the hopeful situation that a gentleman may approach you to buy you a drink. We're dishing on how to increase your chances of securing a New Year’s kiss. If you are single and ready to mingle, check this out:

Have confidence.

It’s something money can’t buy. It comes from within and is brought to life by your body language and sense of self.

When you’re at a party and see a fascinating person or maybe just a cute guy, go introduce yourself. What do you have to lose? Nothing. It’s his loss if he doesn't see you for the valuable, interesting person you are.

Don’t get too drunk.

Pace yourselves, people! This isn’t just for your own sake, but also for whomever is lucky enough to get some lip-action with you when the clock strikes 12.

Sure, alcohol loosens you up for certain heart-pounding situations, but stay confident on your own rather than relying on that confidence juice. Just in case of unavoidable nausea, bring some emergency snacks in your purse and stay hydrated.

The early bird gets the worm.

Act quickly; don’t be desperate but also don’t be super picky. If you wait until 11:55 pm to find your midnight kiss partner, you’re probably going to have a tough time.

A proactive kisser is a happy kisser, folks. Hopefully your chosen mark doesn’t spew silly deal-breaking lines like, “You’re so beautiful I can’t wait till midnight,” but hey, you can only control your own actions.

A little mint goes a long way.

Make those pearly whites look great and that breath smell good! Maybe a travel-sized bottle of Listerine is overkill, but it’s courteous to ensure a pleasant mouth situation for your midnight kiss.

Just casually mint yourself throughout the night, definitely within the hour of the big moment.

Just have fun.

Let’s face it: The whole point of this New Year’s Eve adventure is to celebrate the past year and the new one to come.

Whether you’re at a fancy gala or just at home with your guy eating takeout Chinese food, it shouldn’t matter. Regardless of how the night pans out, remember that the holiday comes around every year.

If it doesn’t work out this New Year’s Eve, you’ll have 365 days until your next chance -- not to mention all of the opportunities to find that special someone in the meantime.

Top Photo Courtesy: Picstopin