Star-Studded Ad Goes Above And Beyond To Prove That 'Girls Can' (Video)

If you're a woman who's ever been told that you can't, this commercial is for you.

In CoverGirl's latest ad, they've opted not to focus on hawking beauty products or spotlighting unattainably gorgeous models.

Instead, they've gone viral with a #GirlsCan campaign, featuring athletes, actresses, singers and businesswomen (who knew, Queen Latifah?).

The spot opens with each spokeswoman saying what she was told she couldn't do as a girl — whether it was play a contact sport, operate a company or be funny.

But through a montage of celebs and other well-knowns, from the pretty-much-perfect Ellen DeGeneres to Sofia Vergara to P!nk, you hear how the women defied the haters and went on to do whatever they wanted.

"Girls can't. Sometimes you hear it, but more often you feel it."

I'm loving the sheer girl power, and how a cosmetics company has chosen to highlight women's strength and agency instead of their attractiveness for a change.

Because #GirlsCan be about more than one thing. You do you.