5 Helpful Organizing Apps That Will Spring Clean Your Life

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Spring is officially upon us. This bright, new season makes me want to hit refresh on every aspect of my life, from my wellness to the color of my carpet.

I've spent the past two weekends rearranging my living space, throwing away old linen and bringing in brightening yellow and blue hues. I even started transforming old wine crates into side tables and repurposing wine bottles. But, since I'm no Martha Stewart, my room looks more like a tornado touched down in it.

Old clothes are piling up by the day and boxes are littered around my room. I can't settle on one color palette and I'm pretty sure I haven't nailed the whole feng shui thing. Not to mention, I'm stressed by just the thought of taking another weekend to finish the job.

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Let's be honest, a seasonal upgrade can become taxing if it's not handled with care. Thankfully, ushering in spring can be simpler with a few swipes on my phone.

Before bugging your mom with incessant how-to questions, consult BrightNest.

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When it comes to all things home-related, I ask my all-knowing mom. This time around, though, she had no clue how to purify the air in my apartment.

Instead of taking my search to Google, I tapped into this Angie's List-powered app for home cleaning tips. BrightNest is the go-to app for how-to guides and helpful articles about home care. Within seconds, I found ways to filter and freshen my apartment's air with potted plants.

BrightNest simplifies my life and helps me keep my house in shape.

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Finally build those shelves with the help of Handy.


I've been wanting floating shelves in my apartment for months, procrastinating because I'm afraid they'll come tumbling down in the middle of the night. To ensure they won't crack under pressure, Handy can send me a handyman or woman to do all the work.

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Assembling IKEA furniture may sound easy, but those manuals are always crap. Plus, I'd rather be safe than be shaken awake by the sound of books and candles hitting the floor.

This app is just what a single girl ordered. I'm just praying the man they send looks like Aidan Shaw (sorry, Carrie).

Wash your entire wardrobe with FlyCleaners.

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If you're anything like me, you have a community washer and dryer that's f*cking disgusting. While I'll use it in dire situations, I'd much rather show my laundry more TLC.

That's where FlyCleaners, a pick-up and delivery laundering service, come in. They wash, fold and dry clean your clothes while you finish tackling your bathroom with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Use Vinted to help you sell or swap out your winter clothes for Spring essentials.

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When winter rolls back around, you won't want 80 percent of last season's threads.

With the help of Vinted, an e-community of buyers and sellers, you can make money off your old gear. All you have to do is create a profile and post the items you want to sell on your page. Until you get a sale, browse the app to see if anyone's harboring a spring dress you'll need for Coachella.

Update your 'do with Blownaway.

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By the time you're done hauling bags of clothes and scrubbing floors (on your knees), you'll look like Cinderella pre-Prince Charming. However, you won't have to leave your house to receive Beyoncé treatment.

With a few quick touches, book an appointment with Blownaway, an app that delivers a mini glam squad to your front door. You'll get any makeup look you choose. And why not let them bring your zodiac-approved haircut to life?

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