What Your Softball Position Says About Your Dating Habits

Jan de Wild/

Softball, like dating, is not for the faint of heart. It requires confidence, precision and strength of will. It will test your patience, determination and -- most importantly -- your ability to get the job done.

The women who play the game are the strongest players both on and off the field. They’re women who will go to bat for you. They get to third base without losing their dignity. They’re used to playing the field and throwing away stray balls as fast as they catch them.

They’re women who know what they want and exactly how to get it. I mean, they’re hitting home runs on a daily basis while rocking visors.

So what exactly does the position you play in softball say about your ability to play the dating game?

Pitcher: Get her number, get her heart.

When it comes to dating, pitchers run the show (and your credit card if you don’t watch out). They are prone to going after what they want, even if that means picking up on signs and running with them.

They like being in control, which means they’re always on top. They aren’t scared of getting down and dirty, either. Literally balls to the face.

They’re as wild with their hearts as they are their arms, but once you get their number, they’re easy to crack. They are romantics at heart and aren’t scared to jump into relationships as quickly as they let the last ball go.

Watch out, however. They’re tempted to play games, throwing in some curveballs when you aren’t looking.

First Base: All about the wing game.

First base players have to be solid and reliable. Thus, they make damn good wing women.

They’re great to go out with, patiently waiting for you to play your game and interpret where you’re going next. They do, however, have a few tricks up their own Under Amoured sleeve.

First base players are confident and charming. They may not be as daring as pitchers, but they know a good thing when they see it. They are more likely to wait for something to come to them, but once it does, they know exactly how to handle it and turn it into the winning opportunity.

Once in a relationship, they are supportive and reliable. If crossed, however, they’ll throw you away faster than a loose grounder.

Outfielders: Out of sight, never out of mind.

Outfielders are more reserved and patient. But don’t confuse their modesty for innocence. Their arms can do things with balls you’ve never seen. Like a Catholic school girl, just because the uniform is on doesn’t mean they’re playing by the rules.

While they’re patient and stable, they’re also known for being as wild as the balls they catch. While they may get fewer opportunities, they cover way more field. They aren’t scared to put everything they’ve got out there, and you can be sure, if you’re fly, they’re going after you.

Catcher: The pads are just a cover.

Catchers are in a league of their own. Like the girls who went to school in sweatpants and bulky sweaters, you can be sure when out of sight, they’re taking everything off. They’re wild-childs who knows how to play every position (and they'll make you try every one).

They’ve got a mouth on them and it’s used for more than just shouting orders. While many think of them as rigid and covered-up, they’re the most colorful of the group.

Like the girl who was forced to cover-up throughout high school, they tend experiment the most.

Second Base: Games are for off the field.

Like the middle child, they can be a bit prudish and most prone to playing games (for the attention, of course). They’re the women stirring things up and somehow always getting "caught in the middle." They know how to juggle and aren’t scared of playing men the same way they play those grounders. They look at dating as a game more than anything else.

They’re heartbreakers and ball busters. They're not scared to let things go or stop them before they get too far. You can be sure you’re not getting to home base without a fight.

Shortstop: Sexuality has no lines.

Caught in the middle, shortstop tends to be the most sexually confused (or sexually adventurous). They don’t know what they want so they go after everything. They’re the kind of gals who won’t easily be tied down and most definitely will try swinging both ways just for the hell of it.

They’re spirited, quirky and always looking for someone new. While they don’t have a lot of long relationships, they make the most of intense, short ones.

Third Base: You're not close to home yet.

Third base women may seem the easiest, but they’re actually the pickiest. They know what they want and where they want to go with it. They’ve set their mind on one thing and one thing only. Nothing is going to distract them, not even a big set of balls.

They’re not teases, but they definitely aren’t easy. Just because they’re close to home doesn’t mean you’ll get there. While third base seems like the last stop, it’s almost the hardest to break. They like to get things locked down before making any moves. They're careful planners and don't let anything get in the way of that winning play.