Women Are Smearing Their Lipstick To Raise Cervical Cancer Awareness

by Gigi Engle

You're about to see a new, messy trend smeared across your Instagram.

A new campaign aptly named #SmearForSmear encourages women to post selfies with their lipstick smudged to raise awareness for cervical cancer.

Your hangover look is finally upload-worthy!

Similar to other social media movements we've seen, the #SmearForSmear campaign hopes to spread knowledge of the illness and testing.

The movement, created by Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, is designed to remind women to partake in getting regular pap smears -- the main way to detect cervical cancer.

Jo's chief executive Robert Music told Harpers Bazaar:

If we can just save one life with this campaign, then we have achieved a great deal. The response from the public has been fantastic and we already have women telling us #SmearForSmear has reminded them to book their overdue smear tests.

Supermodel Georgia May Jagger was the first to post a selfie yesterday morning -- her beautiful face smeared with a bright red.

Rita Ora has since joined in as well.

We're expecting to see a lot of these selfies in the very near future (remember the ALS Ice Bucket challenge?).

Women need to be aware of their health down there to ensure less of us are forced to deal with this terrible cancer.


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