'Smart' Measuring Tape Makes Sure Things You Order Online Actually Fit


The unspoken law of online shopping is that anything cute will inevitably arrive in the wrong size.

This "smart" measuring tape, named On, will save you all the time you spend taping up and sending back packages of the wrong size clothing. It will revolutionize the way you online shop by creating a digitally-stored size profile called a XYZE ("size") ID.

The Italian-designed On, which connects to an app using Bluetooth, instructs users on the correct way to take their own measurements.

Using a 63-inch loop of tape, On records and stores the circumference of your body.

And when you shop online, the app automatically recommends a size that will fit you. No more fearing the one-size-fits-all dilemma or vanity sizing, just a purchase that fits from any store.

Of course, even the most innovative technology has its caveats.

Those who frequently shop at the same online retailers probably already figured out the size that fits them best.

For them, the $44 to $67 device is an unnecessary extra step.

But, if you're someone who detests the online marketplace and ventures there only for a few select items, On might be your new best friend.

The measuring tape's Indiegogo campaign, which ends March 7, raised around $4,600 of its $68,000 goal so far.

The measuring tape is sleek and, more importantly, easy to use.

Access your measurements digitally with the XYZE app.

Ready to change your online shopping habits? Try On.

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