5 Things A Woman's Handbag Says About Her Daily Mindset

It's an age-old debate, but we still don't know who really has it all figured out.

Is it the woman who feels naked when carrying anything less than a formidable, small child-sized bag?

Or the fairy-like creature who tiptoes through life, carrying no more than a feather?

Let's assign life hacker points for the small and big handbag woman.

Small handbag woman: You are the captain of your ship.

Being a small handbag woman, there's a good chance you're an overall more tidy person.

And studies have shown inhabiting a tidy environment makes you eat healthier and be more charitable.

Your ways to deal with stress are productive, not destructive.

Instead of raiding the fridge or your wine reserves, you put your nervous energy to good use by cleaning, or perhaps going to the gym.

You want to feel in control of your life, and you know that acting out won’t get you there.

Using the words of Martha Stewart, you know “life is too complicated not to be orderly.”

Big handbag woman: You forge a brave new path.

A big handbag fits a lot of unnecessary sh*t that makes for a great, big mess, including old receipts, paper napkins, several lip glosses, two different kinds of notebooks (because you obviously can’t write your grocery list in your future goals notebook), etc.

But, the 10 percent of the extra body mass you're lugging around means you're prepared and down for whatever.

You're a creative freethinker, an Indiana Jones with a slouchy, yet stylish accessory.

Small handbag woman: You're balanced.

Turns out that carrying a small (especially a crossbody) bag means you walk more freely in a “cross crawl” style. It synchronizes both sides of your brain and promotes relaxation.

Plus, there's a good chance you're more self-aware than your messy, big handbag sisters.

Maintaining a small space means carefully examining each day what you really need to take with you.

You're used to listening to yourself more, and paying attention to your surroundings.

Big handbag woman: You have your priorities straight.

The big handbag lover might be a bit messy, but she has a good grip on life.

The truth is, you simply find other things more important than tidying up.

You're constantly amazed and distracted by the wonders of life, and so, you tend to forget that dirty pair of gym underwear hiding in-between the month-old magazine you have in your bag.

You have your priorities straight, and you simply know the benefits of trying to be tidy and carrying around the bare essentials are not worth the time and effort it would require from you.

After all, you're busy loving and living life!

She has hacked life: The hybrid uber woman.

She has a huge, slouchy bag for the 15-hour days, when she needs to be prepared to conquer everything life throws at her.

Her bag is cluttered and messy, but it's not dirty because things like candy wrappers find their way to the garbage bin.

The hybrid uber woman also has a teeny tiny purse for lazy weekend walks in the park, brunches and sexy cocktail hours.

She might have only the bare essentials with her, but she knows her confidence will get her out of any potentially embarrassing situation.