13 Signs The Person Who Loves You Simply Just Gets You

by Elite Daily Staff
Michela Ravasio

It’s one thing to have feelings for someone, it’s another to have that indescribable, instant connection that immediately draws the two of you together. When you and your partner have good chemistry it’s like witnessing a waterfall.

It’s an instant ease that washes over you and makes you feel perfect without even trying.

Especially in the beginning, when everything is new and yet-to-be-discovered, it’s hard to differentiate between what’s spark-worthy and what’s just entertaining. Once you feel that special buzz, you’ll recognize what it is.

You know why you two are perfect for each other, and yet you’re not quite able to put your finger on it. That’s where we come in. Here’s the 13 signs you and your partner have real chemistry.

1. You’re completely comfortable with yourself in front of the other person

You know it’s true chemistry when you don’t feel like you need to filter what you say or change who are you around him. You’re totally at ease with yourself because there’s a familiarity between the two of you.

You know that if you do slip and say something weird, he’ll find it all the more endearing. You can be the person you want to be and you don’t need to think twice about it afterwards.

2. You’re accepting of the other person’s obvious flaws

No one is perfect; enough Elite Daily articles have told you this by now. But it doesn’t matter because you like this person’s flaws just as much as you admire his strengths.

We all have our apparent shortcomings, be it our vocabulary, our looks, our tempers or our tendency to snort when we laugh.

The person you have chemistry with recognizes these traits and easily moves past them. They know who you are and that’s way more important than the fact that you snore at night.

3. You both aren’t afraid to say how much you like each other

When real chemistry is involved, there’s no need to play games or to fake hard-to-get in order to intrigue your partner. It’s obvious early on that both of you are into each other.

And you’d prefer it that way too, since you have a hard time hiding your feelings anyway. You want to tell the other person how you feel.

4. You feel more confident around him

You know it’s chemistry when being around your partner has an immediate, positive effect on you. It takes little more than his sheer presence to build you up and boost your confidence.

You don’t need to hide anything -- he wants to know everything about you. This notion alone gives you the assurance to be yourself around him.

5. You share the same values…

You both are in agreement that The Strokes trump The Smiths any day. Chocolate ice cream cones win out over vanilla every time. And rainy days, like sunny days, must be taken full advantage of. These are just the non-negotiables.

There’s something really special in finding the one other person whose idea of a good time is the same as yours.

6. ...But aren’t afraid to challenge him on his beliefs

Even if you differ in your opinions, the chemistry is still there when you’re able to comfortably question the other person and know he won’t retaliate. You two have an open dialogue right off the bat, which ultimately brings you both closer.

7. You aren’t thinking about other people when you’re together

You know you genuinely have chemistry with someone when he is the only person who occupies your thoughts.

You don’t need to fill your mind with other people because you have the most enthralling thing in front of you. Chemistry prevents you from succumbing to distractions and keeps you focused on the person who is present.

8. You aren’t afraid to touch or lock eyes

Not only can you not keep your hands off each other, but you also can’t look away from them. It’s a sign of a certain comfortability when you are able to hold your partner’s gaze.

I’m one of those people who hates touching, and I’m a bad hugger. But I know it’s chemistry when I find myself smothering the other person in tight embraces.

9. You respect his vulnerability

You want him to be completely candid around you, and you respect him, without judgment, when he admits something difficult. You don’t censor yourself either. You both want to get to know the other on a deeper level, and that means opening up and making ourselves vulnerable.

10. You know what the other person is about to say... and you let them finish

It’s the instant inside jokes and bonafide excitement that prevents you from going a day without speaking. Even though you can already finish each other’s thoughts, you want to hear him say it himself. It just sounds better.

11. You both happily compromise

Right off the bat, you are fulfilled when you see this other person happy. You commit to things you wouldn’t normally try simply because you know you’ll have fun just being around your partner.

Real chemistry means your compromises don’t feel like compromises because everyone wins if you’re together.

12. You’re satisfied in bed

It’s more than just. sex. Use your imagination on this one…

13. You still get nervous when you first see him

And that, my friends, is all that chemistry shaking up your orbit and forming a new, everlasting bond.