19 Signs You Are A Completely Misunderstood Girl And Love It

by Elite Daily Staff

Hey Girl,

We're sorry no one gets you. We’re sorry you tell jokes that clear out rooms of people who feel too offended. Here, want to stroke our cashmere sweater? It’s made of 100 percent comfort material.

It’s a tough world out there for quirky individuals like yourself. Most people don’t quite understand your own brand of personality that is You.

Don’t worry. We get it, girl.

Here are the 19 reasons you’re a completely misunderstood girl.

1. You end every sentence with, “No, just me? Okay... Okay…”

People just don’t appreciate your humor. You’ve got your own brand of comedy that is usually lost on people and your colorful commentary often makes you the oddball of the room.

That’s okay though, Mother told you that you were special.

2. You’re mad at “Girls” for stealing all of your thoughts

Every time you think you’ve really reached new brooding, misunderstood levels with your weird thoughts, some character on “Girls” has them too.

It’s like Lena Dunham grabbed your quirky musings off your Twitter account and inserted them into her show, effectively killing them. Just give us the royalties, bitch.

3. You follow Sylvia Plath on Twitter

You just get each other.

4. You’re constantly making plans with yourself

You blow people off by saying, “I’m taking myself to a movie,” not with the implication that you are inviting anyone. You are your own companion, and it’s not the least bit odd.

5. Your tired silence is mistaken for bitchiness

“I just don’t feel like talking” isn’t meant to be rude; it’s meant to be an explanation for sitting silently in the corner for the better part of the evening.

6. No one ever gets your references

You drop obscure movie quotes to the sound of crickets when no one else understands them.

Ugh, why can’t someone other than your mom recognize your creative genius for once?

7. You prefer to watch documentaries instead of “Housewives”

Your version of watching mindless television to unwind is having your mind challenged by a gripping documentary.

Movies that teach you something are way more fascinating, even if that means watching them alone.

8. You insist on carrying your own bags

Not because you are trying to prove some feminist agenda. Not because you are too proud. You just simply like to take care of your own sh*t. Period. Don’t read into it.

9. You’re down to experiment

You’re an adventurous/fearless/sexual being and open to new experiences. Those who don’t get it are just missing out. Feel bad for them.

10. News Channel 1 doesn’t completely depress you

It’s the price you pay to stay informed, amiright?

11. You take dating pointers from your favorite literary characters

Sometimes you even pretend you are in your very own romantic novel. What can you say? Your imagination tends to run wild, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

12. Your jokes are only funny to you

It’s totally cool that you find yourself to be the funniest person on the planet. You’ve got to believe in yourself, right? Crickets build character.

13. You’re the only one in your group of friends who wants to see Elton John on NYE

This is getting personal. I shouldn’t even have to defend this one.

14. You think Amy Dunne from “Gone Girl” is clever

You tried sharing this sentiment with your boyfriend, who is now convinced you are psychotic and out to get him.

Again, no one understands you. Amy is totally cunning, we swear we aren’t crazy!

15. You don’t wear deodorant sometimes

It’s bad for the environment, stains your clothes and irritates your skin. Whatever happened to natural scents? Pheromones are so dreamy.

16. You like to use big words on purpose so people don’t understand you

If people were wise, they would appreciate you for expanding their vocabulary. Pshhh, humanity.

17. You often dream of spontaneously picking up and moving to Chile

One of these days you’ll actually do it. Until then, the only person who can feed your wanderlust is you.

18. When people try talking to you at the gym you find it offensive

You’re just trying to score a few 30 minutes of alone time to listen to your music and focus on yourself.

Sorry we aren’t super chatty as we’re soaking through our shirts while struggling to lift 40 pounds of dead weight.

19. You don’t identify with anything on this list

Girlfriend, you are seriously mizundastood.