Can Everyone Please Shut The Hell Up About Serena Williams' Nipples?

by Emily Arata

Serena Williams is crushing the tennis game, unsurprisingly. On Thursday, the living legend played one of her best matches to date, clearing the way for her spot in the Wimbledon finals.

Unfortunately, only half the tennis viewers were actually watching Williams' panther-like grace and athletic prowess. The others were too busy talking about her nipples. Did you just let out a heavy, burdened sigh? The kind burdened by years of hearing people discuss women's bodies as if they're a poison you shouldn't get too close to? Hang in there.

The Daily Mail notes Twitter users had plenty to say about Williams' visible headlights, although she wore a sports bra. Some even went so far as to suggest her nipples were too distracting to be allowed on the court. Code violation Williams for having a physical human body, am I right?

First, let me point out that I'm tired of talking about everyone else's problems with the female body. Williams is a warrior on the court, an athlete unparalleled in her field, who's being judged for a body she was born with.

Jon Hamm gets to make a stink every time a gossip article talks about his larger-than-life package because he's a serious actor. But, when the body criticism happens to Williams, there's nothing she can say to change the conversation. By now, almost every part of her body has been publicly ripped apart.

Nipples are just a part of the human anatomy and everyone needs to get over it. To illustrate that point, I've hunted down photos of tennis's most popular male players with their nipples out. Why is it only the female nipples that distract fans?

Here we see Roger Federer in his natural environment, nipples rising freely.

I can't even focus on the rest of this photo because Andy Murray's nipple is blinding me.

Nipples, seen here on Novak Djokovic. They're a time-honored tennis tradition.

Have I made my point yet? Leave Serena and her strong, beautiful body alone.