Serena Williams Gets Super Real About Dancing In Beyonce's 'Lemonade'

If you saw "Lemonade," then you also saw Serena Williams twerking up a storm like the true pro she is. In the hour-long visual masterpiece, Williams stood out as a fierce counterpart to Queen Bey while twerking to the tune of "Sorry."

In an interview with WSJ Magazine, Williams described her experience being on set with Beyoncé and what it was like performing in the most epic music video of all time. But before the video was released, she had to keep quiet about it, explaining,

If you tell me, 'Don't say anything,' I won't say anything.

Now that the video is out in the open (or viewable via Tidal for a small fee at least), the 34-year-old athlete still isn't saying much about working with Beyoncé. However, she did explain the reason for her presence on the set, saying,

I've known Bey for a long time.

And as for her expert twerking abilities, Williams says,

I got really sore from dancing!

There you have it. Williams is not a snitch, she's a longtime bestie of Beyoncé and twerking is a serious workout -- even for pro athletes. It's amazing how much can be said with so few words.

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