Over It: Hood By Air Show Proves Why You Should Stop Contouring (NYFW)

This past weekend, Hood by Air presented a collection that redefined the traditional school uniform, infusing casual sex appeal into a place where it rarely exists outside fetishist porn.

Despite the gorgeous designs, we didn't just ogle at deconstructed basics or daring cutouts. Rather, we were concerned with the overall beauty look chosen for the show.

The models' faces -- both male and female -- looked like that one photo of Kim Kardashian that declared contouring a "thing" and made everyone run to Sephora to grab the best kit in the store.

Contouring is meant to be an art form used by theater professionals to achieve dramatic facial reconstruction. Yet what Hood by Air created with its Spring/Summer 2016 face was an intentional satire of what contour culture has become today.

You know a trend is about to become huge when YouTube beauty gurus latch on to it. Now, there are more than 28 thousand video tutorials on how to slim your nose, narrow your jawline and restructure your face. Naturally.

What I find interesting is that the most recent Hood by Air collection is inspired by school uniforms and whatever that culture entails. Most of YouTube's makeup prodigies -- the main fuel behind the contour fire -- are all in high school, filming out of their overly pink rooms. Are we supposed to put the two together? Are we meant to assume that today's 16-year-olds are too sexualized, too garish, too try-hard?

Contouring  has transformed itself into an everyday necessity for girls with naturally young and pretty bone structures. While I'm all for using the technique for a night you'll be heavily photographed, using it every day (or for school days like Hood by Air suggests) isn't only too much, it just looks lame.

The other problem with contouring is it's very rarely done right. Hood by Air had models sashaying down the runway in bronzer that was a good five shades darker than appropriate and highlighter applied in such a way it made beautiful gazelle-creatures look like they had contracted a rare skin disease.

It's tough to make models look any less than tens, but this show succeeded. Let this be a reminder that schoolgirls rarely know the perfect way to blend and define with the same level of expertise a true professional can bring. Sorry, but that YouTube guru has about as much experience in the field as I do at pretending to be Queen Elizabeth.

Hood by Air has given us a much-needed contour wake-up call. Not every day calls for a narrower nose or pointier jawline. Instead, let's focus on our homework, or how to DIY those cutout dresses.