What It Would Be Like For Men To Be Oppressed In A Women-Dominated World (Video)


This fabulous French mini-film features a serious gender role-reversal.

Instead of seeing women operating in a man's world, the viewer follows around a stroller-toting dad as he wanders the streets (rife with women jogging shirtless).

Although he gets little love or appreciation from his working wife, he does get catcalls and sexual harassment on the street from homeless bums (more women) and neighbors.

"Oppressed Majority" is hilarious, and its ridiculousness highlights how our society has come to accept this everyday sexism directed at women.

When the male protagonist experiences an assault — which he's later blamed for due to his provocative bermuda shorts — the ensuing interactions seem so utterly wrong and out there that you have to wonder why everyone doesn't feel this uncomfortable with the current double-standard.