Celeb Fashion Collaborations Aren't All That Bad: Here's What To Shop

We're such judge-y creatures: One minute we're yelling "YASS" to a celeb's every move, and the next, we're bashing them for some random misstep. (Blame our culture’s crippling indecisiveness.) Nonetheless, celebs are inescapable forces who not only bombard their way past fashion gatekeepers, but also gain that coveted respect Kanye rants about.

Best-dressed fame monsters flit around the globe in overpriced designer duds as we hopelessly Google their styles. And let's face it: We're indoctrinated to care about what they wear to dinner dates so we can, in turn, spend our bitcoins cashing out online, or f*ck up some bank accounts on camo.

Luckily for us, many celebrities add notches on their resumes becoming creative directors, brand ambassadors and crafts(wo)men of eye-level retailers we can afford.

So should you pledge allegiance to a celebrity-inspired fashion line? Eh, probably not. But here we are, throwing four fashion collabs in your face to decide whether you'd blow next month's rent on dressing like your faves.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner for PacSun

Being that Kendall's a rising top model, we trust her sartorial tastes.

Although linked to her insensitive sis, her umpteenth collection for youthful Cali clothing brand, PacSun, is a sign the carefree kids can do more than reality TV and lip liner.

Their summer 2015 style is a minimalist's dream, steeped in spirited vibes and Cali-infused apparel.

And for all you students, their back-to-school set isn't too far behind.

Who will wear it: Girls who live by "less is more."

Where: VIP-only pool party.

Buy: Floral Print High-Waisted Pleated Shorts, $40

Rihanna for Puma

Fact: Your style isn’t as earth-shattering as Rihanna’s. Not even close.

But the 27-year-old fashion icon’s recent hands-on approach sells a “Yes, I Can” dream to most serial sartorial criminals.

With less effort than it takes to breathe, anything she wears looks phresh off the runway. So it’s safe to assume as new Creative Director of Puma, RiRi will create a must-have aesthetic.

And if this isn’t up your fashion alley, feel free to wait and see what becomes of her trademark clothing line, $CHOOL KILLS.

Who will wear this: Girls who are unapologetic when it comes to style with athletic flair.

Where: To workout or to work.

Buy: Pulse XT Geo Women’s Training Shoes, $70.

Beyoncé for Topshop and Giuseppe Zanotti

Let’s state the obvious: Beyoncé is neither an exciting celebrity in terms of her personal style, nor does she have an impeccable track record as a designer (House of Deréon, anyone?).

Still, everything she dons turns to gold.

Her ability to make items fly off e-shelves proves her forthcoming partnerships with Topshop and Giuseppe Zanotti are long overdue.

And if a British retailer and famed footwear designer aren’t afraid to trust her taste, who are we not to shop the look?

Practice your Queen Bey pose for Instagram in anticipation.

Who will wear it: #Beyhive members and street style lovers.

Where: Probably to a Beyoncé concert.

Buy: Probably everything, but we won't know for sure until Fall 2015.

Rita Ora for Adidas

She's a unpredictable style queen who dresses like life's worries don't exist, evoking Adidas's timeless aesthetic.

Around the time Ora side-stepped her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, she dropped a functional, quirky collection to match her swag.

Need more convincing? It features tracksuits for period days and crop tops for surf bar sitdowns.

Who will wear it: Your quirky, carefree friend who just can't sit still.

Where: To a house party or stand out at an art show.

Buy: Grab an item from each of these Rita-crafted packs.