Serena Williams Says She Keeps Every Sports Bra She Wears During A Big Win


I love a unique lucky tradition, and Serena Williams has one of the best I've ever heard of.

After each major competition she wins, she keeps the sports bra she wore in the match. It makes total sense. I mean, why would you trash something that contributed to your winning game?

She told PEOPLE,

We love it.

Williams is very loyal to one specific brand of sports bras called Berlei. She's an ambassador for the brand, which she discovered thanks to her mother, who has also been a longtime fan.

Berlei is based in Australia, and for a while, Williams had to grab enough sports bras to last her a year whenever she made trips over there.

Once you find a bra you love, you never go back to other brands. Any human with boobs knows the perfect sports bra is especially tough to find, and it took her a while to discover one that worked.

She explains,

Yep, finding a bra that fits well is basically second to finding your true love.

I'm thinking about adopting Williams' bra tradition, too. Next time I make a significant career advancement or maybe even if I find a $20 bill on the ground, I am NOT throwing whatever bra I was wearing that day away.

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