Single Ladies Are Buying These Non-Engagement Rings To Commit To Self Love

by Emily Arata
Fred And Far

Being a single lady is an odd mix of empowering and embarrassing.

On one hand, there's Beyoncé in a unitard, vibrating her hips in the ecstasy of not being tied down at the club. On the other, however, there's drunk ordering an entire pizza and falling asleep by yourself. If no one sees you slurp down all that cheese, do the calories even count?

My point here is that singledom is a confusing experience. Your days might be devoted to healthy habits like fitness and socializing, but it's sometimes difficult to acknowledge feelings of loneliness when the world is essentially shrieking, “YOU'RE FINE ALONE, GIRL” in your face.

Case in point: a new trend asking single girls (and married girls, too) to purchase themselves a sparkly ring of self-commitment. Instead of a Tiffany setting and a diamond (which was, by the way, a marketing campaign started by De Beers), you're getting a sweet new piece of jewelry to flash around and a “treat yoself” mentality that would make even Tom Haverford proud.

The Self Love Pinky Ring is the product of jewelry brand Fred And Far, which sells its 1.5 karat, lab-crafted white sapphire ring with a “pinky promise” oath. By signing your name, you're committing to loving, honoring and choosing yourself above all others.

As Hello Giggles notes, the brand has already found fans in celebrities like Lucy Hale and Amber Rose.

The ring, which costs $150 (sterling silver band) or $325 (14k rose, white or yellow gold), may not solve your pizza-eating problems, but will serve as a visual reminder of the commitment you have to yourself. According to Fred And Far's co-founders, it's a gentle nudge toward reclaiming your identity in the hustle of everyday life.

In terms of design, the ring is all things trendy at the moment: simple, clean and modern. It's a chic accessory, one that doesn't exactly shriek, "Hello, have you heard about self-love?"

Would you choose to wear a pinkie ring as a commitment? Let me know in the comments.

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